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About CodeSnap

CodeSnap is a indie product run by a human.

My product has nothing to do with the popular CodeSnap VS Code extension, except the same name!

Hi Content Creators!

I'm Michael, the founder, designer & engineer behind CodeSnap.

Some years ago, I started posting technical content on social media.

As a software developer, my social media posts usually contain code snippets. I used different tools to create my posts but was unhappy with the available solutions.

I started wondering, can I develop such a tool on my own?!

That's why I built CodeSnap! My mission is to help content creators create beautiful graphics of their source code with minimal effort, even if they have zero design skills!

- Michael Hoffmann, CodeSnap founder

Michael Hoffmann

Comparison with other tools

  • Carbon is very powerful; you can store up to 1000 snippets for free. But its UI could be more friendly, and you cannot filter your stored snippets.

  • BrandBird is a powerful design tool, but you cannot create code blocks.

  • Snappify was the main inspiration for CodeSnap. It is a great tool, but CodeSnap provides a similar feature set for a much cheaper price.

🚀 CodeSnap combines the best parts of existing tools in the cheapest way possible!
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