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About CodeSnap

CodeSnap is a indie product run by a human.

Hello there, I'm Michael, the driving force behind CodeSnap, and I'm thrilled to tell you all about it.

Building this product has been nothing short of an adventure. It's been a labor of love, consuming hours, days, and nights. But I was determined to bring my vision to life without relying on external funding or traditional advertising.

I carefully crafted every line of code, designed every pixel, and shaped every feature to cater to the exact pain points I'd observed in the market. The result? A product that's not only functional but also intuitive and user-friendly. I wanted to make sure that even non-tech-savvy individuals could benefit from what I've created.

I invite you to join me on this exciting journey. Explore CodeSnap, discover its features, and experience firsthand the passion and dedication that have gone into making it a reality.

Story behind CodeSnap

I developed CodeSnap for myself because I was unhappy with the available solutions:

  • Carbon is very powerful and allows us to store 1000 snippets for free. But its UI is not very friendly, and you cannot filter your stored snippets.

  • Snappify is like a "Mini-Figma" for creating images of code snippets. It has a beautiful UI and many advanced features, but unfortunately, you need to pay about 5$/month for managing more than three code snippets. For my use case, this was too expensive as I just wanted to create, manage and share beautiful images of my code snippets in the cheapest way possible.

Use the integrated BrandBird designer in our editor to create stunning visuals like it is possible with Snappify:

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